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Bit of plug, bit of a question

Hi everyone! (Anyone? Haha.)

I just recently started playing WoW but I've been fandom RPing for a very long time. So far I've been really enjoying playing on Normal servers with the friend who finally convinced me to let him refer me, but he thinks that as much as I emote, project, and identify with the characters that I would enjoy playing on an RP server. He and I already have two kind of RPing characters, but they're sort of a joke-fandom thing that imitate YuGiOh Abridged characters and they're on a normal server, so that's neither here nor there. He doesn't seem particularly interested in RPing but I'm trying to make the most of my winter break from college and to really check stuff out before I make major decisions about how much time and money I want to invest in WoW (ie, whether I want to buy Cata, etc.).

All that said, I've been looking around to see what might be a friendly RP server, because since I'm a bit of a scifi fanatic, I find myself a little fascinated with the Draenei. I have friends who are very devoted to both the Horde and the Alliance, though my Horde friends tend to be a bit more friendly to the idea of playing characters on both. Most of my characters so far are Horde on Dalaran, but I have characters on a few servers and a single Level 8 NE Druid that I started this evening, and I really want to make a Draenei, but I am considering putting her on an RP server.

Basically, I'm just making this known in case anyone who actually pays much attention to this comm happens to notice while I'm interested in doing it, and also just throwing it out there that I like to play magic user on either Horde or Alliance and am just trying to learn my way around, but think I've learned enough to not be a complete liability, so any friendly RP advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone know of a good RP server to start on? There are a few Low Pop. but that concerns me that it might be exclusivist since none of them were the New User servers for Cata, and I prefer High Pop on Normal.
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