appleznbananaz (appleznbananaz) wrote in wowrp,

General questions considering timelines and aging

I have been discussing with a friend of mine who plans to rejoin WoW on Silver Hand, one of my rp servers, and we have been toying around with the idea of our Blood Elves possibly being related. However, I want to arrange everything as correctly to WoW lore as possible, which includes some possibly silly questions, but I am still learning when it comes to the history of Azeroth. xD Firstly, around how long ago was Arthas' attack on Silvermoon? My rogue is going to be playing the older brother to my friend's mage, and my rogue is about 87 years of age. (Roughly between 20 and 20 years by human standards, if I did my math correct when I first came up with his info...) I don't care whether there's a huge age gap between them or not, as long as the mage is deffinately the younger of the two.

Which leads me to my next question... Has it ever been mentioned anywhere how long Blood/High Elf pregnancy lasts? Or should I just go with nine months like humans, just so there is a logical space of time between the two?  I've tried looking this information up on the WoWwiki, as well as a good time line, but I haven't really found either. :(
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