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Sister of Elune - Weekly Events

Over the past few months there have been a few new events that now take place weekly on our server and more details can be found on our Sisters of Elune RP Community on livejournal located @ http://community.livejournal.com/soerp/ .


1. The Al Diel Shala Thursday night events have been switched to Sunday evenings (sorry, had to change based on new work schedules).


This Sunday Al Diel Shala will be hosting a “Pirate Storytelling” night. A treasure chest filled with items will be brought to shore and those dressed as a pirate gets to receive one to tell a story about it. If they are a good speaker, they get to keep it!!!. More info on event


2. Keepers of the Origins host an open themed storytelling night every Wednesday at 7:30 server time. More info


3. Al Diel Shala is looking to work with various guilds on the server to get a battle bot competition going.


We will be hosting an open RP event on the server to battle the newest vanity pet to be made available, the Battle Bot.


Once you complete the process to get the pet, one of them is mailed (through the game mail) to each of your characters. Also, rumor has it, if you make a new character it’s also mailed to the new character (as long as its done in the event time). So if anyone wants to join us for this RP event its quite possible for you to do so!! Not sure how to get the pet? More info here..

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