dioti (dioti) wrote in wowrp,

Noble Garden RP Event Idea Exchange

Heyas… this little thread is here to exchange some ideas for gathering around and having a little fun during the Noble Garden holiday week currently taking place in wow.


I have no idea if it’s the same on every RP server… where people are camping the spawn points and snarling, growling, and shooing others away… As a LOT of that was happening on Sisters of Elune, horde side. But even among the not so nice curse words freely being exchanged there…. I can count quite a few friendly moments of meeting new rp’ers which was a blast. I mean come on; the event gave what many rp’ers wanted… players moving outside cybermoon city to interact with others!


Plus this event has given us quite a few new toys to have fun with others. So why not use them to the full advantage and play some games and come up with some ways to get some fun, light hearted rp going and maybe meet even a few more people along the way?


Curious for a few ideas as to what you can do? How about a Rabbit Hopping Contest (suggested “rules” and locations inside comment area), Rabbit Racing, Private Egg Hunts & egg coloring contests, and so on… have an idea to make it better? Share it.


Have another idea entirely? Share it… in other words; why not share what you have been doing on your own server with the Noble Garden vanity toys?

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