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Your cultural background and role-playing

Hi, my name is Caroline and I'm an undergraduate working on a summer research project concerning the localization of MMOs. I have a few questions I'd love for any role-players or players of localized versions of the game to answer. Most of the questions focus on role-playing, but the crux of my project concerns cultural variations in localized versions of the game and how international players respond to that (both in terms of RP and non RP). I thought about posting a survey, but I'd prefer answers in your own words, as well as any anecdotes or anything you care to share.
  • Does your cultural background have an influence on your role-playing? By cultural background, I mean family background, ethnic background, traditional culture (religion), or popular culture. I believe that role-players make a conscious decision about what aspects of their culture they choose to draw influence from. Please elaborate on any aspects of your culture that you have made a conscious decision to draw influence from.
  • If you do not feel that your cultural background influences your role-playing, please explain where you draw inspiration from.
  • Have you ever employed any traditional myths (myths, stories, legends, traditions, etc.) in your role-playing that are derived from your cultural background? Please give an example if applicable.
  • Or do you choose to stick to Blizzard's lore? (I recognize that WoW's lore alludes to many cultural references, but I believe that if Blizzard chooses the myth to be a part of Azeroth, then for the purposes of role-playing you ignore that reference and stick completely to what is given to you in game.)
  • What version of the game are you playing? (US, EU, China, etc.) I realize that most of the people posting here will probably play the US version, but you never know.
  • Have you ever played a localized version of the game?
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I xposted this in a WoW community, so I apologize if you see it twice.
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