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Question about WoW RP!

I hope this is the right place for it, and if not, I'm sorry. But is wow RP suppose to be a reflection of ourselves In Real Life in the form of an orc, a night elf, a blood elf, etc. Or can our characters be different and unique and separate from who we are as a person/player?

I ask this after playing on a few RP servers and being completely baffled. To be honest, a lot of the time I'm rp'ing with people its people I've known irl, gamed with table top, in free-form role playing realms, for 14-20 years. So when we migrated to WoW we still brought with us our candid, fun, enjoy a D&D like storyline were we have a lose GM (Me) and plots and mysteries to solve in game through RP. Our characters we play, are separate from us, like whole different people.

But on the servers we've played, we come across players who well, don't seem to separate ic and ooc very much. I have 5 solid toons I love RP'ing on and they are all different, though they are loosely related to the same storyline as different roles (good guys and bad guys). I more or less have 2 mains and the rest are just my NPC toons used here and there to bump in new storyline info here and there.

Now after trying to rp on the last server  and they transferred off to go to normal servers and I'm the only one there anymore, its lonely and I still want to rp in wow because I like my characters. But the hassles and the frustrations of the server and the players wasn't worth my buddies staying there (they'd rather kill the lich king in game and rp in email (we all moved away irl). 

But the players we've come across on the server I'm left on by myself... do rp I believe, somewhere if we get past all the rapes, glittering twilight vampires, and so on. Am I just on a horrid server and should look to raid only on my mains and make level 1's to rp on a real rp server? or will I find players with the same mentality no matter where I go?

I won't leave the server I'm on now with my mains cause my husband and kids raid there and they need their healer. But we do have a semi-rp guild with members interested in RP. So we've been kicking around ideas as a guild for rp.

But I just don't know if its worth it. Cause we'd still be facing the same sort of mentality as a guild for rp as my other buddies and I faced. :(
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