insight2u (insight2u) wrote in wowrp,

Looking for Rp guild...

Hi All! I'm new to this community. A friend referred me here after I told him about my frustration trying to find a Rp guild. I'm experienced player with 2 lvl 70's and I've played every class till atleast lvl 30 on Silver Hand. I'm in the U.S. eastern/central time zone and I don't mind transferring or starting over on a new server.

What I'm looking for...

I'm NOT looking for heavy raiding. I am more than willing to help others in instances, quest, etc. but multiple weekly raids is just not what I want.

I prefer Alliance, but if a hoarde guild has a good story and players I might be interested. I have played hoarde into the 40's twice on Kirin Tor, so I do have some experience on that side.

I am willing to...

use Rp plugins
write a Rp blog or on Rp forums
do frequent in-game Rp
help with quests and instances

Please feel free to drop me a message if I sound like I might be a good fit for your guild :)
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