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Help? :d

Hello! This may or may not be a strange request but... here it goes.

I'm kind of shy when it comes to starting something new. I'm not new to WoW or RP... but I'm new to the combination of the two. I've never RP'ed in a MMO before. I've started out with one liners to paragraphs in yahoo chat and moved on to forums. Now I'm in a few one on one games with friends.

I understand the idea of WoW RP but I guess I'm... finding it hard to get started. I end up lurking a lot and have yet to actually TRY. I know in learning to do something you sometimes have to just step up and do it. But here I am trying to get my foot in the door. ^^;

I'm kind of looking for someone who might want to take me on as an RP buddy. Someone I can talk to OOC for a while, maybe dream up characters we can play together or plots that my character can interact with one of your already made characters.

I have characters on Wrymrest Accord alliance side that I made with the intention of RPing with, but I wouldn't mind starting over on a different server/faction if anyone is interested.

Let me know. :]
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