appleznbananaz (appleznbananaz) wrote in wowrp,

A little help with an rp set?

So, I want to get the Defias Leather set as an rp outfit for my baby rogue on the Silver Hand server, but I've run Deadmines several times already, both with a friend (who initially suggested the set), and by myself, and all I've gotten so far is the gloves. :( I know the chest armor is bind-on-pickup, but is there anyone on the Silver Hand server, ally-side, who is willing to buy the boots, belt and leggings for me, and do a switch in Booty Bay, or something? I have the gold to pay back for it. :3 The Bandit Shoulders or Scouting Spaulders would also be greatly appreciated, though not required.

Thanks a bunch! <3

Got everything but the chest and shoulder pieces :D
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